Video Sessions

If you are looking for short training sessions with a high degree of flexibility, then webcam video sessions are the solution.

Are you too busy to attend English sessions of an hour or more? Would you like a session early in the morning or in the evening? Would you like short sessions as and when you need them, rather than a more extended form of training? If so, then brief video sessions focused on your specific needs are the answer.

Do you live outside the Netherlands? Yes? Then the webcam is the ideal solution for you.

Video sessions can be used to improve all your English language skills. If you want to practise your speaking skills, the webcam is particularly good. By speaking with the trainer, you will be able to speak English more fluently and more confidently. In addition, by learning from the feedback you get at the end of the session, your grammatical accuracy will improve and your vocabulary will expand.

To discuss your requirements, simply contact Topaz English.