Studio 1-2-1

This is an individual course for people who require a thorough review and upgrading of their English skills. Studio 1-2-1 focuses on one skill or a combination of skills, depending on the needs of the student.

Typical examples of the Studio 1-2-1 format are listed below. Naturally, according to the student’s level, aims and other wishes, variations in the total number of hours and the length and frequency of the sessions would be possible.

Option 1: Standard

Location: In-company
Length:  20 hours
Session length: 2-4 hours
Frequency: Once a week

Option 2: Advanced (preparation for specific tasks, e.g. presentations)
Length: Minimum of 1 session / 2 hours
Frequency: As and when required

Location: In-company
Length: 20 hours (minimum)
Session length: 4-6 hours
Frequency: Minimum of 2 sessions per week