Language training for professionals
 Speak English confidently
Understand English more easily
Have more words and expressions at your fingertips
Improve your writing skills

Fine-tune your English

With Topaz English you can achieve all this and more…

Topaz English offers a unique combination of training courses for business people. Its top priority is to focus on the individual, with a view to fulfilling their particular needs and helping them to achieve fast progress.

Topaz English is for people who already know some English but would like to improve their skills. Many speakers of English as a foreign language feel they have reached a plateau beyond which they are unable to move. Perhaps they can only communicate in simple language and make more grammatical mistakes than they would like to. Some possess a reasonable command of English but lack the confidence to speak fluently. Others have a combination of these difficulties. Whichever category you fall into, you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you would you like to:
give effective presentations in English
participate more effectively in meetings in English

Whatever your needs are, Topaz English can help by offering the services of a highly qualified and experienced trainer at a competitive price.

What training courses does Topaz English offer?
 Studio 1-2-1
 Island Hopping
 Select Group